Carl Sandburg as Folklorist, Kate Benzel, Mike Adams

Kate Benzel, Mike Adams, Senior College

Carl Sandburg and the Sunburnt West

Kate Benzel and Mike Adams presented a lecture/recital on Carl Sandburg as Folklorist at Senior College of Central Nebraska’s Winterim session.  Sandburg was a poet, and biographer, a family man, political activist, newspaper reporter for 25 years, singer-songwriter and platform performer, essayist (reviewed films for Chicago’s Daily News), an orator, children’s author, honorary degree recipient, and above all he was a storyteller. At the heart of Sandburg’s writing is the essence of the American people. He explores this essence not with any definitive answer in mind but as an exploration, exposition of his people. And so he asks the questions at the beginning and the end of The People, Yes “Where to now? What next?”

Carl Sandburg as Folklorist, Kate Benzel, Mike Adams

Senior College of Central Nebraska, Kearney Public Library, Nebraska

Carl Sandburg Folklorist ar Senior College

Kate Benzel





Carl Sandburg, Mike Adams

Mike Adams

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