Carl Sandburg is coming back to Nebraska!


Carl Sandburg is coming back to Nebraska – Carl Sandburg and the Sunburnt West

10 April 2015, World Theatre in downtown Kearney, Nebraska

A new performance of Prayers for the PeopleCarl Sandburg and the Sunburnt West—will celebrate Carl Sandburg’s poetry of the American West. The performance combines Sandburg’s western poetry, American folk songs from his compilation The American Songbag (1927), and original poetry and music from performers. The program includes performers from the original 2007-08 production: Mike Adams (Music Coordinator); Dr. Kate Benzel (Writer/Producer); Dr. Charles Peek (Emcee/Reader); Cristina Seaborn and Terry Sinnard (Musicians).  In addition Twyla Hansen (Nebraska State Poet), Rick Marlatt (Nebraska Poet), and Mike Wolking (Dobro/guitar player from Colorado) will add their expertise.

I’ve decided to “do” a blog so that you can see how this new program develops from the beginning of script writing, through production, to final performance. I’ll update you on the program’s background, poets, musicians, venue, and collaborative community events.

Upcoming next week, Tuesday, January 13 at Kearney Public Library:

A Senior College Winterim Class

“What everybody says is what we all say”

Carl Sandburg as Folklorist

January 13 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Kate Benzel and Mike Adams

Niobrara Room – Kearney Public Library

First, at 1:00, Kate Benzel – a Carl Sandburg scholar – will speak about Carl Sandburg as a folklorist using Sandburg’s 1936 book The People, Yes (1936) –  “a saga sonata fugue with deliberate haywire interludes and jig-time babblings.”

At 3:00, Mike Adams  – songwriter and musician – will discuss and perform a variety of songs from Sandburg’s compilation of American folk songs – The American Songbag (1927) – that speak “the hearts and voices of thousands of men and women.”

This Special Senior College Presentation is open to Senior College members and the General Public at no charge and reservations are not necessary.

Check back for another entry next week.

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