Mike Adams Solo

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Mike Adams is a “Tribal Troubadour,” living his life true to his music; his songs reflect experiences that speak to all of us. All Adams’s performances are unique, in the tradition of American roots music–telling—musical tales that bring us back to the common life. Each original or cover, recalls the troubadours of both yesterday and today, true to the tradition: country classics like Hank Williams, Ray Price, Johnny Cash; blues’ great Robert Johnson; folk music of Woody Guthrie; pop classic Frank Sinatra; and Bob Dylan, Steve Earle & Bruce Springsteen.

Adams in the Kearney Hub “If you’re talking about roots music, you’re talking about music that has a melody–or a tradition of melody–that goes way, way back before time, before we started copyrighting everything, before we started worrying if you stole two of my notes and three of my words.”  Roots music connects Adams to a time when the story of the song was the most important aspect of the music.  “The music goes back to a time when people were just playing and it was communicating with each other …. It goes back to when people weren’t following the ‘American Idol’ concept of being famous and a star.”  (Rick Brown, July 29, 2010)

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Mike Adams

Mike Adams Credit: Kerri Garrison

Mike Adams Credit: Kerri Garrison