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Mike Adams has a breadth and depth of music history that is extraordinary–and he can perform all that music. As a singer-songwriter, he writes from the heart and soul of a real musician–“you just write what you feel,” he says. His music is about communicating to an audience, about educating an audience, and about entertaining an audience. Not all musicians can do all this, but Mike Adams does, with finesse and individuality. His original songs tell about his own life but also resonate with all our lives. They reveal the struggles of growing up, even when you are fifty-five: “Some Change” and “Last Days in Abiqui” about youth in New Mexico; “”Look Behind the Curtain” and “Jesus Business” about coming to term with faith; “Set Sail” and “Runaway” about the healing power of love.

Mike Adams

Adams’ versions of covers will leave you rethinking familiar songs. He says, “There’s nothing wrong with [a cover]. You need to take it and interpret it. Don’t do the recorded version because it’s already been done.” So if you attend one of his “themed” performances on Merle Haggard, Paul McCartney, Woody Guthrie, or Bob Dylan, you will hear their songs for the “first time.”

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Run AwayRun Away
Last Days: Carl’s SongLast Days: Carl’s Song
Blues for KBlues for K
Good Horse BluesGood Horse Blues

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